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Aqua Scapes of CT
Aqua Scapes of CT

Aqua Scapes of CT

We are a pond store in Central Connecticut. We install and service ponds, waterfalls, and water features. We sell pond products, koi fish and aquatic plants.







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Spring Pond Cleaning

Spring Pond Cleaning Spring Pond Cleaning Spring Pond Cleaning

2018 Hartford Flower Show Results

Best In Show, Most Outstanding Specimen, Best Use of Moving Water, Best Use of Aquatic Plants, Best Use of Texture, Best Use of Color, Best Use of Cultural Perfection, and Excellence in Design (awarded by The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc. and The Landscape Design Council)

2018 Hartford Flower Show Results2018 Hartford Flower Show Results

2017 Farm Photos 2

Our front pond, koi fish in our pond, goat pen, baby robins, Sandy Hook Memorial Fountain and Garden, small pond and waterfall

2017 Farm Photos 22017 Farm Photos 22017 Farm Photos 23 more

Pond Cleaning in East Haddam

Tucker and the homeowner talk pond in this panorama of an 8,000 gallon swimming pond in East Haddam, Connecticut.

We did a full cleaning on this swimming pond in East Haddam, CT back in June 2017. We used a 2000 gallon storage tank to accommodate and house 30+ koi and 100 goldfish during the cleaning. The homeowner recently purchased the property and wanted to see the bottom of their pond for the first time. While the new owners don't plan on doing much swimming in this pond, we hope to fully rock in and update this...

Pond Cleaning in East HaddamPond Cleaning in East Haddam

Glastonbury Koi Pond

Glastonbury Koi Pond

Pondemonium 2014

Pondemonium 2014

Avon Pond

Avon PondAvon Pond

About Us

Aqua Scapes of CT, LLC is the leading distributor of professional pond products, koi fish and aquatic plants in Connecticut. We have a six acre aquatic nursery in Portland, CT where we stock the full line of Aquascape pond and waterfalls kits, fountains, maintenance supplies, replacement parts, pumps, and water treatments.

Our company foundation was built on a simple premise... keep it simple, and work with nature, not against her. The relationship between building a pond, and respecting how nature intended it to work, is fundamental...

About UsAbout Us

Rob Townsend

Robert Townsend began his career began over 30 years ago with his own landscaping business. Always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities, in 1991 Rob built his first pond. So satisfying was the planning and execution of this project, his mind was made up to enter a new phase of landscaping design. He began his search for information on Pond Ecosystems.

In 1996 Rob attended what would be the first of many seminars presented by Aquascape Inc. The show so impressed Rob, it took little time for him to make Water Gardens...

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Our Fish

No backyard pond would be complete without fish! Stop by our farm in Portland, CT any time of year to check out our fish. These are not your everyday pet store varieties! We have from 3"-4" baby Koi and smaller Sarasa Comets to Jumbo Koi and Channel Catfish. We carry a large range to fit any size pond. Some of our more popular varieties include; standard and butterfly fin Koi (Choice - Elite Grade), pond and Sarasa Comets, Goldfish and fancy (fantail) Goldfish, Shubunkin, and Blue and Albino Catfish, We often also have Trapdoor Snails, Tadpoles,...

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