Aqua Scapes of CT
Aqua Scapes of CT

Aqua Scapes of CT

Central Connecticut's Leading Pond Store. We install, service, maintain and fix ponds, waterfalls, and water features. We sell pond products, koi fish and aquatic plants.

We install ponds. We fix pond/waterfall leaks. We rebuild/upgrade existing ponds.







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Tips and Tricks for a Happy Pond

- The less you clean your filters (unless you have a canister filter) the better.

- Only clean Filter / Bio Media once a year, at the beginning of the year.

- Get your pond up and running in April or May. This way, your pond ecosystem will have a chance to get established before the weather gets too hot.

- It is common to get an algae bloom a week or two after a pond cleaning. This is because your pond has not had enough time to build up a strong colony of Beneficial Bacteria.

- Use Beneficial...

Predators Keep Eating My Fish. What Should I Do?

To stop predators from getting your fish, it is important to have a hidy cave in your pond so your fish can hide from dangerous predators. A few round rocks with a flat stone on top will make a natural yet adequate spot for your fish to hide. It is also important to have good plant coverage (ie water hyacinth, pond lilies, and marginal plants) on your pond's surface to provide extra coverage.

Net Your Pond

Although not the most aesthetically pleasing, netting your pond is the best defense against herons. Pond netting effectively...

How Deep Should My Pond Be?

Your pond should be at least 2' deep to survive the winter in Southern New England. Any depth more than 4' is excessive.

Do I Have Too Many Fish?

If you're asking yourself this question, odds are, you have too many fish...

A good rule of thumb is that you should have 1 inch of fish per 10 gallons of pond water. Meaning that a 10 inch fish should be housed in a 100 gallon pond.

Keep in mind, filtration and aeration play a large part in fish keeping so proper husbandry can result in keeping more fish in a smaller area.

Koi, although larger, are a cleaner fish compared to goldfish. However, goldfish are more hardy, so the type of fish you house...

Should I Clean My Pond Every Year?


If your pond is less than 3,000 gallons, it is recommended that you fully drain your pond every spring. The buildup of organic materials (ie leaves, fish waste, and natural debris) will leach tannins into your pond ultimately turning your pond water tea color.

For larger ponds, we recommended a partial cleaning every year with a full cleaning every 2 to 3 years.

How Many Gallons is My Pond?

Gallons = Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.48

Keep in mind, this equation assumes your pond is perfectly square. If your pond is rounded, this equation will give you a value larger than your actual gallonage. Therefore, a water meter is the most accurate way to find your pond's gallonage.

It is always safer to under treat your pond than over treat it (esp if you have fish). It is recommended to use less treatment/medication if you are unsure of your pond's gallonage.

Why is My Pond is Green?

As a disclaimer, all ponds are different and the following information may vary from pond to pond.

The Short Answer

In general, a pond will turn pea soup green due to: inadequate filtration, lack of aeration, unbalanced water chemistry, not enough plant life, too many fish, lack of general maintenance, improper climate (ie full sun), and/or deficient good bacteria.

The Long Answer

Wether your buying a professional pond kit or piecemealing your pond together, people often make the mistake of skimping on the important...

How Do I Find a Leak in My Pond?

To find a leak in your pond, you must first turn off the pump and let the pond sit for a day. If the water level in the pond drops, you know the leak is in the pond. If the water level of the pond does not drop, your leak is in the waterfall or plumbing.

Pond Leak

If you determine the leak to be in the pond, leave the pump off and let the water level drop until it stops losing water. The leak is going to be found at this level of the pond. You will need to look for a hole or puncture in your pond liner. If you find a hole, you will...

How To Winterize My Pond?

When it comes to caring for your pond fish in winter, the most important thing is to always keep a hole in the ice on the pond's surface. This allows the fish to get oxygen and prevents toxic gases from building up in the pond. The following options will key a hole in the ice.

One thing to think about, products can/do fail. Therefore it is important to always have a backup option. We recommended using 2 of the options listed below, plugged into separate gfi outlets. This way if one option fails, or trips the gfi, you have a backup...