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Aqua Scapes of CT
Aqua Scapes of CT

Aqua Scapes of CT

We are a pond store in Central Connecticut. We install and service ponds, waterfalls, and water features. We sell pond products, koi fish and aquatic plants.






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Rob Townsend | Aqua Scapes of CT

Rob Townsend

Robert Townsend began his career began over 30 years ago with his own landscaping business. Always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities, in 1991 Rob built his first pond. So satisfying was the planning and execution of this project, his mind was made up to enter a new phase of landscaping design. He began his search for information on Pond Ecosystems.

In 1996 Rob attended what would be the first of many seminars presented by Aquascape Inc. The show so impressed Rob, it took little time for him to make Water Gardens the new focus for his company.

In 1997, using ADI Pro Pond Ecosystems, Rob created what he thought would be the crown jewel of his water garden designs at the very location of his warehouse in Wethersfield. Although expansive, stately and more beautiful with each passing year, since then Rob has built even larger and more complex water gardens for an ever growing client list. Each project is distinctive and bears the signature of Robs' talents.

Through “Build a Pond Days”, Rob has instructed over 1,000 contractors, garden center and home owners in the skills and techniques used to successfully install his professional Pond Kits. Rob is in charge of overall operations for the company and is the single most sought after Pond Professional in Connecticut. Rob is tireless in his pursuit of perfection. Frequently called the “Pond Guru” by his colleagues, Rob laughingly prefers “The Pond Maestro”. You will often hear him say “I love it when a pond comes together!”

Rob TownsendRob TownsendRob TownsendRob TownsendRob Townsend

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